"I just wanted to take a minute and compose a written Evaluation of the new HVAC install that took place here at Bonneville Power Administrations Allston Substation.
Firstly, I would like to recognize a few people that saw this project through from infancy through completion; Matt Rabideau, Mark Nation and Casey Reynolds. Without their constant supervision and attention to detail, I would probably not be writing this letter. It was the “above and beyond” level of expectation to which these individuals performed while here on BPA property. It was truly a joy to work closely with these individuals.
The Governmental rules that apply to this location require working under constraints that may not typically be encountered on the job. Not only did these people follow Nerc-Cip rules (including Safety), but saw to it that all Sub Contractors did the same. Never once did I observe, or have to point out an unsafe act while on the property.
The install went as flawless as possible, with problems encountered attended to immediately, resulting in the project finishing on time. The work performed, and the installed HVAC has received many compliments, including the cement finishing, bollards, copper runs, HVAC units themselves, demolition work, sheet rock, painting, etc. This is best illustrated by the smallest “punch list” that I have ever seen while employed at BPA. This Substation has been under constant construction for over the last two years alone with much larger punch lists generated by other Contractors. This short list is truly a reflection of the fine work performed by the above mentioned individuals and their crews.
I have nothing but praise for the finished product and what it took to get to this point. I will miss working with such competent people and hope that our paths cross again in the future. It has been nothing short of flawless execution from start-to-finish, and I hope that Global and it's employee's work here at Allston Substation in the near future.
In closing, I would hope that his letter be shared with the above mentioned individuals so that they might be singled out for performing at such a high level and that they might also pass this on their crews that helped see this project through completion."

Tom Ingenthron, Allston Substation Operator
Bonneville Power Administration

"My association with Global Construction Group was as the Contracting Officer on a facility maintenance contract to replace carpeting at our Johnston Ridge Observatory location. The project work included the removal of existing carpet and replacing in kind as well as the removal and re-installation of theater seating and aisle lights.
The goal of the Forest Service was to have the project work completed prior to the opening of the observatory to the public. Global Construction Group was very accommodating in working with the Forest Service to have the project work completed during a time of year when access to the site is limited.
Global Construction Group worked well with the on-site representative for the Forest Service to ensure timely completion of the project. All work was performed in accordance with the project specifications and at a high level of quality. Overall, the work completed by Global Construction Group at the Johnston Ridge Observatory resulted in a very successful project."

Justin Holder, Contracting Officer
US Forest Service

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